The First Baptist Church of Erie was organized April 3, 1869, in the home of E. F. Williams.  The original seven members, with the help of the State Sunday School Missionary chose C. A. Bateman as their first pastor.  J.A. Trenchard was ordained on January 8, 1871 and became the church's pastor in 1874.  To view a complete list of pastors please visit our Past Pastors page.

     The first church was built and was first used on May 11, 1872.  The cost of the church was $1500 and Pastor Bateman gave $625 in cash, $300 was borrowed from the Home Mission Board, and the additional monies were paid in smaller sums. 

     In 1895 Walter Tanner was ordained and was know as the "Boy Preacher" and in 1924, Clyde Tanner, Walter's son, was licensed to preach. 

     Records indicate that as far back as 1875, the Erie church was reported to be the oldest church in the Southeast Association.  The present building was dedicated in 1908 and in 1953 the nursery, restrooms were added and the furnace was installed in 1956.  In 2013 the kitchen was remodeled and was dedicated in the memory of Carl Riebe.

First Baptist Church of Erie

    120 West First Street, Erie, KS  66733

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